Forty Ton Mirror is an exploration into the interaction between two species and two cultures.  For centuries, in many parts of the world, the relationship between cetaceans and humans has been brutal. Hunting has brought many whale species to the edge of extinction and It has only been within the last few decades that whale conservation and scientific inquiry grew. 

Many films concentrate on whale conservation and poaching, while others take a look at whales in captivity and the state of stress it causes on these animals. This documentary is different. It looks at our cutting edge understanding of how cetaceans interact in their own environment and the parallels with the researchers who bring that information to light. Forty Ton Mirror aims to explore how whale culture mirrors and impacts the culture of the research community.

From Hawaii to the eastern United States’ shores, the film crew will follow and interview scientists as they work on cetacean research projects. Around the world, there are several studies being carried out that look at whale behavior. This can range from acoustic communication, the education of juvenile whales, and how groups self identify. Like humans and other animals, these social interactions are seen as an extension of culture and are important to the wellbeing of cetacean communities.